What is the difference between sustainable tourism and ecotourism?

In reality, ecotourism refers to the sector of low-impact tourism that includes natural areas, whereas sustainable tourism is a broader term describing sustainable practices within and performed by the tourism industry.

What is the difference between ecotourism and tourism?

Key Difference – Tourism vs Ecotourism Tourism is the activity of traveling to places for leisure. Ecotourism is a special category of tourism, which is concerned with the conservation of nature and sustaining the well-being of local people.

Is eco tourism sustainable tourism?

According to Fennell, “Ecotourism is a sustainable form of natural resource-based tourism that focuses primarily on experiencing and learning about nature, and which is ethically managed to be low-impact, non-consumptive, and locally-oriented (control, benefits, and scale).

What are the ecotourism activities?

Ecotourism activities: conservation, communities and sustainable travel in one place

  • Observation of flora and fauna. Environmental protection and conservation is one of the concerns of today’s generations.
  • Photo Safari.
  • Hiking.
  • Observation of astronomical phenomena.
  • Flora and fauna rescue programs.

What are the types of ecotourism?

What are the types of Ecotourism?

  • Eco-loging: Choosing accommodations that are built with environmental awareness in mind.
  • Agro-tourism: Visiting or volunteering on rural farm communities.
  • Community Development: Volunteering opportunities that focus on off-setting the negative impacts of mass tourism and modernization.

Ecotourism is a subtype of sustainable tourism ,Industry consensus agrees ecotourism is more focused on ecological conservation and educating travelers on local environments and natural surroundings, whereas sustainable tourism focuses on travel that has minimal impact on the environment and local communities.

What is the difference between Nature Tourism and Ecotourism? Nature tourism is all about enjoying undeveloped natural areas of wildlife. Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and improves the welfare of local people.

What are examples of ecotourism?


  • Taronga Conservation Society Australia.
  • Phillip Island Nature Parks.
  • Pacific Whale Foundation Australia.
  • Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC)
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)
  • Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve.
  • Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park.
  • What is ecotourism and its types?

    Ecotourism is a broad term encompassing many types of travel that share the goals of cultural and environmental awareness and respect, minimal environmental impact, and the preservation and betterment of local populations worldwide (see References 1). Many opportunities exist for both vacationing and volunteering.

    What are benefits of ecotourism?

    Given below are the benefits of ecotourism:

    • Ecotourism focuses on unadulterated, pristine natural environments;
    • It builds cultural and environmental awareness;
    • It encourages positive experience for visitors as well as hosts;
    • It minimizes the impact if tourism on the environment;

    What’s the difference between ecotourism and sustainable tourism?

    Sustainable tourism refers to applying the concept of sustainability to any type of tourism. Therefore, sustainable tourism can be seen in different types of destinations, including both rural and urban areas whereas ecotourism mainly involves rural and wildness areas. This is the key difference between ecotourism and sustainable tourism.

    What can you do to contribute to sustainable tourism?

    As a responsible traveller, you can contribute to more sustainable tourism by choosing the right hotels and activities. Chose businesses that actively minimize the negative impact of their operations. You can travel less and on shorter distance, trying to avoid flights where possible.

    How are hotels and tour companies contributing to sustainability?

    Most hotels and tour companies do not participate in any sustainability efforts. Although this is changing as consumer demand shifts. As a responsible traveller, you can contribute to more sustainable tourism by choosing the right hotels and activities. Chose businesses that actively minimize the negative impact of their operations.

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