About eMusicMinistry

What Is eMusicMinistry?

eMusicMinistry is a free online platform for church musicians to share music. This allows churches desiring new music (that don't necessarily have a big budget) to still have options.

How to Use

Use the Search page to find songs and channels that fit your needs. When you find a song you like, download the PDF file and print/email/distribute freely. No licensing required.

Must I Register to Download Music?

Yes. Registration is free. This helps us keep track of which songs are downloaded for analytical purposes.

How Do I Get Notified When a New Song Is Uploaded?

You can Subscribe to a Channel or User to receive notifications for new songs. To do this, you must be logged in while viewing the Channel or User page, then click Subscribe.

I Am Looking for a Song on a Specific Topic or Scripture

If you are need of a custom song, perhaps for a retreat or a special service, try writing directly to a contributor whose style of music you like. Let them know your needs and they might be able to fulfill your needs.

Does the Composer Receive Compensation?

Potentially. Some composers are happy to share their music and don't rely on any compensation, while for other composers, it is their livelihood. Composers who contribute at least one royalty-free song on eMusicMinistry are welcome to share links to their own website and social media to sell their own music and promotional products.

Does Free Mean Lack of Quality?

Absolutely not! Publishers have their own interests and needs when selecting songs for publication, and sadly, a lot of great songs get overlooked. Consider the content on a website such as YouTube; it is full of diversity and the content ranges from amateur to professional quality. You should expect the same variety of content on eMusicMinistry.

How Do I Become a Contributor?

Let's talk. Send an email to anthony@emusicministry.com to get set up.

Why Does It Say Apps on the Search Page?

This is a placeholder for future web applications. More will be announced on this at a later date.
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